"Saving one dog won’t change the world. But for that one dog, the world changes forever."

Save this dog. Take him Home.

For the last few years we have become far closer to Europe. And Europe has become closer to us. We have achieved a visa-free travel, got biometric passports, and organized Eurovision Song Contest 2017. In spite of all this progress, we still have a great amount of problems. We can only trust ourselves. Neither politics nor experts, nor Europe. We must solve them ourselves. We have thousands of stray animals on the streets. Most of us just passing through and don`t even notice them. These little souls are starving, suffering from horrible diseases, and after this agony they die alone and unnoticed. Instead of loving and being loved by their owners. Lev Tolstoy wrote ” Society that treats animals badly will always be a beggar and a criminal”. Let’s not be such a society! Let’s become better! We, the volunteers, we take a huge number of animals from the streets, treating them, fattening and sending them to Europe to those people who are ready to take them home. Just think about it: People from other countries ready take them and give all the love to these little orphans, but unfortunately not in Ukraine. Why is that so? After all, we are as good as Europeans! We are just as kind and spiritual! Do not wait for a helping hand from someone else! We should start with modest approaches. Let’s start from ourselves. These 12 beautiful puppies dream of finding their home. It’s only 12 families that will be able to give them warmth! 12 families! Look at these puppies, they are only 3-4 months old. How much happiness and joy they can give you in return for your care and love. “We believe that there will be their future owners! Puppies are on overexposure, in a month we pay about 11 000 thousand UAH plus medicines and feeding! Wishing to participate and help puppies can write us! Many thanks in advance.