"Saving one dog won’t change the world. But for that one dog, the world changes forever."

About project

IHELP.DOG is still a very young project aimed at saving lives of tails. This project gathers those who have some kindness in heart. People whose efforts are in doing everything possible and often impossible to help stray animals. At this very moment we are focused on four targets
1. Neutering. We gather them, pass to neutering and return to where they belonged if a better place wasn’t found. Our belief that this is one of the most effective ways to avoid unnecessary sufferings for stray newborns. We know they will breed. It is in their nature. Though nature didn’t prepare them to face the cruelty of human civilization. There are hundreds of thousand innocent who will die of hunger or disease before we can find them to help. It is our duty to minimize that number.
2. Food for stray animals.
3. Treatment.
4. Assistance to shelters.
The project is new and we know that we are at the very beginning of the long journey. Million more need our help. Still, less than in three weeks, 11 dogs have been found and neutered. 25 more tails are planned for the next month. One of the first dogs to be found, was sick with CTVT.Now she’s undergoing intensive treatment. 9 more found a temporary piece at as they were placed in a trustworthy shelter. And we will do all what it will take to find them a new home. To be sure they will never get back in the hell from which we’ve pulled them out from.
400 kg of pelmeni and 700 kg of meat were delivered to one of the shelters. Another one was in a need of build materials. The need was covered. Third shelter received 6 sacks of different groats from us. Next week one more shelter to receive 700 kg of dog food.
We found more than few places stray animals themselves made into shelters. Every such place receives 10 kg. meat on weekly basis. They need to it too.
There is yet so much to do. We know exactly how much. And now when we met so many people who care, people outraged with the indifference of others, we are even more motivated than ever.