"Saving one dog won’t change the world. But for that one dog, the world changes forever."

A note from “Lord” Berrimor”

A note from “Lord” Berrimor”
Ladies and Gentlemen. The “auction of hearts” is over. I’ve chosen the most kindhearted Lady across the La Manshe. Lady Bespalenko. I am moveng closer to the Blue sea.
Previously on “Lord Berrimor’s chronicles”: the housekeeper was brazen enough to believe La Manche could’ve stoped New family. I am to take care of them now. o not hesitate to reach my office ‎‎‎‎‎0984776415. Better call three times. The butler is a bit deaf. He’s really kind, though)

PS At our lovely estates of Oxford and Suseks repost is considered to be a rule among true gentlehuman. Ladies and gentlemen, please repost.

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